Weld Shop's Portfolio

Dave established The Weld Shop in 2003 as a mobile welding service. The Weld Shop expanded in 2009 offering welding fabrication & repairs of most common metals servicing through out South West Florida.


I’m repairing a “shank” or adapter on a bucket to a Link-belt 350×4 excavator. I removed the old welds with a Carbon Arc Gouging Tool. Next, I cut and ground the adapter to fit, finally, I weld it with 7018 welding rods.

Crab Boat

Here’s a boat used for crab fishing. When they reel up the crabs, the SSW rack I made protects the boat. The rear “table” was replaced with a nice new one made from 304 SS round stock and 5/8″ thick.

Pipe Art

What am I building? Hint-think desert. This is a reclaimed 8″ gas pipe from FP&L For practice I cut the long pieces of pipe into 4″ rings & welded them together. It is about 19′. As time permits I’ll work on it, maybe next week I’ll post new pictures.

Hideaway Bay Ferry

Here is a job I helped with in Placida, Florida. It’s a Ferry that runs out to Little Gasparilla Island operated by Hideaway Bay.

Truck Rack

Here’s a rack a customer needed. He has an aluminum awning company. Just a basic rack made from 1 1/2” square steel tube & they will remove the rack and paint it before putting it to work!

Thumb attachment

I welded a “thumb” attachment to an excavator. These are used for grabbing large rocks or trees.

Mower Deck

I’m repairing a “batwing” mower deck for Coral Creek Airport. The Mower deck has rusted out and has more holes than a pasta strainer! The pieces of sheet metal will give it a few more years.

water plant

The Water treatment plant called at 6 PM. It’s an emergency! In one picture, you can see dirty water leaking. I patched a piece of pipe. On the last inch, water started leaking overhead! I found another leak at 10:00 on the pipe, & made another patch. This pipe is at its end of service. We’ll be making new very soon!

The best welding & fabrication shop in South West Florida

Mobile welding

Here’s an update on my latest welding truck. I made the bed using 12″ pipe at the corners and 4″ pipe at the bottom. Also, a new Miller Pipe Pro 400 that welds all processes on sight.

Custom HandRail

Here’s an interesting job at a Nakomis, Florida home. During renovation, a portion of the handrail came up missing. I had shortened the handrail at the first landing to accommodate the wider staircase. Then fabricated handrail from the first step to landing. The white portion is original & the black is my work. It will be professionally sandblasted, powder coated & installed.

Radiator shroud

My customer’s Hot Rod’s radiator shroud never had a grill that fit properly. I made this from stainless steel rods. 

The “V” is for support and style. It will look really good on his car!

Excavator bucket liner

The plate on the pallet is a “liner” for a worn excavator bucket at a strip mine in Punta Gorda, Florida. This job takes 2 days & always seems to be in the summer. LOL! This is a job for a wire feed welder like an LN25. I use Lincoln NR232, .068 is the size of wire. This plate gives new life to an old bucket.

The best welding & fabrication shop in South West Florida

Beer stein racks

Beer stein racks, 7 in total. It’s a very busy picture, It’s not complete. My customer will install a curved piece of metal behind the Tee bars, each rack holds 60 steins. The metal is all hammered steel tubing with locking Tee bars for the customer’s personal stein at a German restaurant in Up State, NY.

Smokin Jerry's

This smoker is from Smokin Jerry’s Tiki Hut at Gasparilla Marina in Placida, Florida. Jerry asked me to rebuild the firebox. As you can see it has a door to remove the ash box below the stainless steel grate, an adjustable vent & a grease trap. Its just behind the rear wheel with a pin to make it Raccoon proof.

Stair Case

Stairway to heaven? Not quite, more like a stair staircase to someone’s condo at MacArthur Beech and Racquet Club in Venice, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

Stair Case

My customer bought some old handrails & liked the style, but didn’t fit. Also wanted gates to keep his dogs from roaming the neighborhood! The handrails needed to be altered. The gates are the customer’s design, after approval, they were sand-blasted & powder-coated white with a hammered finish.

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